2016—Meanwhile, Back At The Rookery

Saturday was a travel day.  We drove from Ardmore, Oklahoma to Sonora, TX via Dallas/Fort Worth to drop off one of our companions who had to leave the Storm Chasing Tour due to a family emergency.  Until Friday, we’d traveled with another van but on Friday we went our separate ways for a couple of days.  The storms have lessened in our reasonably reachable chase area and the best chance of finding another storm before the tour ends is in southwest Texas.  I took no Nikon photographs on Saturday.  So, I had a chance to look back at some of the photographs I took at the Smith Oaks Rookery on High Island on the east side of Texas.

Connie and I were at the rookery late in the afternoon on both Thursday and Friday of the previous week.  Many of the great egret chicks are quite large and their antics as they try to get food from their parents are very amusing.  I trained my camera on a pair of very eager, very hungry chicks who pummeled their parent mercilessly for several minutes until the patient adult could take no more and flew off.

Egret Chicks Feeding.jpg


Egret Chicks feeding 2


Egret chicks feeding 3


Egret Chicks  Feeding 4


Egret Chicks Feeding 5


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