One new photograph, almost every day of the year


2020—Baltimore Oriole

Thursday, March 26, was supposed to be opening day for Major League Baseball teams including the Baltimore Orioles. For those baseball fans that are missing MLB, I can offer a real Baltimore Oriole for which the team is named. I think its brilliant plumage is cheerful and uplifting. I photographed this Baltimore Oriole at Magee Marsh in Ohio last May using my Nikon D500, Nikkor 500mm PF, and Nikon TC 14EIII.

2020—Sunup at the Red Barn

The storm clouds threatened. But the red barn, nestled near a small thicket of trees on the mostly treeless farmland in the Palouse, gets just a touch of light as the sun comes up.

2020—View from Cape Meares

The Cape Meares Lighthouse isn’t the only attraction at Cape Meares on the coast of Oregon. The views from the trails surrounding the lighthouse are gorgeous. The sights are enhanced by the sounds of the sea as its waves crash against the shores. This was taken mid January as winter storms were clearing briefly. Nikon Z7 and Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 S.

2020— Somewhere on the Palouse

Somewhere on the Palouse. It’s always uplifting to see rays in the sunrise.

2020—A Little Bit of Americana

On the side of the highway from Spokane to Pullman we found a little bit of Americana. While the structure itself was dilapidated and falling apart, the American flag on its face hung proud and bright.

2020—Little House on the Palouse

When I first saw this weathered, dilapidated, and abandoned house in the Palouse two years ago, I fell in love with it. I’m not sure what it is about it but I wanted to return to it this year to try to capture the essence of it. It’s just one of the many abandoned barns, farm buildings, and houses in the Palouse. Their placement in the midst of this expanse of farmland with the vast sky above make them seem like lonely outposts but these structures only add to the charm and intrigue of the Palouse. Two years ago we met the owner of the surrounding land and learned that the home had been his wife’s parents’ home until about fifty years ago. Apparently, no one wanted to live there but they’re not removing it from their land.

2020—Sunset from Steptoe Butte

Sunset from Steptoe Butte—it doesn’t get much more dramatic than this. The sky turns a fiery red and the horizon an inky black, while the sun settles and quickly disappears. If you blink, you can miss it.

2020—Sunrise in the Palouse

Sunrise in the dusty farmlands of the Palouse can be one of the most colorful, spectacular, and unforgettable sights imaginable. Taken with Nikon Z7, FTZ, Nikkor 70-200mm F/4.

2020—The Round Barn

Many of the barns and outbuildings in the Palouse are weathered and dilapidated. Their paint is crackled and their roofs are often missing shingles. Not the round barn we found along our travels. This is quite a beautiful structure, well maintained, and its shape is unusual, especially for a barn. It reminded me of another round barn in the town where I grew up, Santa Rosa, California’s iconic Fountaingrove round barn. It was a landmark and was one of the hundreds of structures destroyed in the Tubbs Fire in 2017.

2020—Good Morning from the Palouse

The Palouse is a vast and distinctly unique agricultural region along the Washington-Idaho border characterized by dune like hills on which are grown grains and legumes. The bare, undulating dune-like hills characterize the region. Witnessing this lovely, serene scene at sunrise helped us forget, however briefly, some of the recent chaotic reactions and uncertainties about the world-wide health crisis.