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2018—Barn at Sunrise

The Mormon settlement in the Grand Tetons dates back to the late 1800’s.  There are several barns and other outbuildings still in existence.  This is one of the barns, taken at sunrise, just as the sun highlighted Grand Teton, Middle Teton to its left, and Mount Owen to its right.

Grand Tetons 2018 Day 4 0893-1-redo .jpg

2018—Home, Home on the Range

This Bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park seems to be at home on the range.

Roos. Natl Park Day 4- 4789-1.jpg

2018—Storm Brewing over Theodore Roosevelt National Park

There were lots of threatening clouds looming on our first morning in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.  A few craggy peaks from the Badlands appeared in the distance at the edge of the prairie grasses.  As the clouds darkened the sky, the remaining afternoon rays highlighted the peaks and the orangey-yellow color of the prairie grasses almost glowed.

Roos. Natl Park Day 1- 0510-1

2018—Big Ears

Mule Deer are so named because their ears are like mule’s ears…big.  Because they are so large, Mule Deer use them to advantage to alert them to danger that might be near them. Whenever we stopped our vehicle to photograph them in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, they were atuned to our presence and their ears acted almost like antennae moving this way and that to pick up on sounds that indicated whether they were safe or needed to run.  When they stood alert with their ears facing forward, they had an irresistably cute look about them.  This was a morning photograph, the sun still low on the horizon, creating a nice rim light around the deer’s ears.

Roos. Natl Park Day 4- 4091-1.jpg



2018—Schwabacher’s Landing

On our last evening in the Grand Tetons, we stopped at Schwabacher’s Landing on the Snake River for sunset.  The mountains and the clouds reflected on the water to stunning effect.  There was even a spot of light on the side of Grand Teton, almost a beacon that also reflected on the water.  The Grand Tetons are so majestic and so beautiful that seeing this scene was the perfect ending for our trip.

Grand Tetons 2018 Day 4 pm 0379-1.jpg

2018—God Beams over Jackson Lake

On Thursday, we drove to the dam at Jackson Lake.  The mountains were mostly obscured by threatening clouds but the sun breaking through and casting god beams onto the lake made a dramatic photograph that suggested the storm might be ending soon.

Grand Tetons 2018 Day 3 pm 0434-1.jpg

2018—There’s More to the Tetons

There is more to the Grand Teton Range than Grand Teton, Middle Teton, and South Teton.  The majestic peaks continue southward.  Here, in a view from a pasture in the historic Mormon Row District, from left to right, are Prospector’s Mountain, Albright Peak, Static Peak, and Buck Mountain.  The Trois Tetons and Mt. Moran are further to the right outside the frame of this photograph.

Grand Tetons 2018 Day 2  0466-1.jpg

2018—Breathtaking Grandeur

The unstable weather patterns this week brought snow, clouds, overcast, winds, rain, and even a patch or two of blue skies to the Grand Tetons.  It takes your breath away to see these magnificent mountains covered with snow and surrounded by clouds that swirl their mists around the craggy peaks.  Driving along Teton Park Road at the base  where they rise from the flat plains surrounding them, the mountains seem so close you feel as if you could almost reach out and touch them.

Grand Tetons 2018 Day 3 pm 0740-1.jpg

2018—Oh, How Grand, the Tetons!

The Grand Tetons are a spectacular mountain range in the Rocky Mountain chain. Tuesday morning was a chilly 24° when we were out photographing these gorgeous mountains as the sun rose behind us.  Converting the photograph to black and white makes the vista even more spectacular. And, a dusting of snow from the night before added to their beauty.  They are, indeed, grand!

Grand Tetons 2018 Day 2  0157-1.jpg


2018—Sunrise At Oxbow Bend

The route on our first morning in Grand Teton National Park led us to Oxbow Bend, known for its stunning views of Mount Moran in the Grand Teton Range.  Mount Moran was almost completely obscured by clouds but the early morning sun lit up the clouds and aspens in front of it for a glorious greeting to the day.

2018-Grand Tetons Day 1 0322-1.jpg