2016—Pronghorn In The Fog

Monday morning we awoke to dense fog.  Moose said it was the first time in thirty years of visiting South Dakota’s Custer State Park that he’d seen fog there.  As we have done each morning, we left The Creekside Lodge, which is in the park, drove a quarter mile, pulled over, and set up our camera gear.  We always ride with cameras in our laps, cameras on, prepared to photograph any wildlife we encounter.  On this morning, we left at 6 AM, a bit later than usual because the foggy, overcast weather meant no sunrise to photograph.  We were just a short distance up the road when we came across some female pronghorns in the morning fog.  Pronghorns seem to tolerate automobiles near them so we were able to shoot relatively closely without exiting the vehicle, which is usually not recommended when wildlife is present.

Pronghorn in the fog2.jpg