One new photograph, almost every day of the year


2018—Red Sky At Morning

The view of sunrise from Hopi Point in the Grand Canyon is nothing short of spectacular.  The sky was brilliant red for a time.

LA GC Hopi Point 0037-1.jpg

2018—And All That Jasmine

Monday, as I waited for Homer the Hummer to appear, I photographed the jasmine that cascades over the little table on the patio.  A couple of days before, Homer actually hesitated at one of the jasmine flowers as he flew past to the feeder.  Although there aren’t many flowers in bloom now, the jasmine was only the slightest deterrent despite their heady fragrance.   And, he was too fast for me to photograph him at the feeder on this day.

I was lucky to photograph anything actually.   I came home from the Grand Canyon with a scratched cornea, the result of very dry air and wearing contact lenses too long.  The condition drove me to the eye doctor Monday morning so now I’m on antibiotic eye drops and saline ointment in the hopes that the abrasion will heal quickly and my vision will clear.  It’s a good thing my camera has Auto focus!

And All That Jasime.jpg

2018—Point Of View

There are lots of points along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to view its splendor.  Last week we visited Hopi Point, Yaki Point, Moran Point, and Lipan Point.   We spent 2 and a half hours  at Lipon Point on Wednesday afternoon and I spent most of that time NOT taking photographs.   There were clouds but for the most part, they were more of an overcast than an interesting view.  I learned a lesson in restraint and that it is better not to take photographs when there is nothing to photograph.  Even at the Grand Canyon, the view can be dull and uninteresting.   When the clouds started to develop some character, I did take a few photographs.  This is one of the very few I took that I thought was appealing.

Grand Canyon Day 2 PM 0187-1.jpg

2018—Atmospheric Depth

I’ve always loved photographs of mountain ranges with row after row of silhouetted ridges and hills, the closer the ridge, the darker it is.  With distance, each gets lighter the further away it is.  Thursday evening at Desert View, the eastern most edge of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, the haze created this phenomenon looking north across the canyon.  I’ve never known  the term for it and Moose told me it is called Atmospheric Depth.

LA GC Desert View 0108-1.jpg

2018—Pipe Creek Vista

On our last morning in the Grand Canyon, we returned to Pipe Creek Vista for sunrise.  We were hopeful that a predicted storm front would bring us dramatic storm clouds but that was not to be.    The sun rose with no color in the sky and only briefly kissed some of the rocks but shooting at 10000 Kelvin helped enhance the color that was there when the sun briefly touched the highest points in the canyon.


2018—Clouds At Hopi Point

After sunrise the other day at Hopi Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon,  an interesting cloud formation captured our imagination.

LA GC Hopi Point 0167-1.jpg

2018—Sunrise At Moran Point

The drama of sunrise at Moran Point was not in the sky but in the reflection of light on the rocks in the canyon creating gorgeous colors and mysterious shadows.

LA GC  Moran Point 0056-1.jpg

2018—Sunrise At Hopi Point

We were at Hopi Point Wednesday morning for sunrise.  Grand Canyon National Park has changed some of its policies and has restricted access to some areas of the South Rim in winter.  Shuttle buses now transport visitors to certain viewpoints, including Hopi Point, one of the most popular sites for sunrise photography and private vehicles are not allowed.  We had to convene at 5AM and drive into the park so that we could meet the shuttle bus by 6AM so that we could get to the site by sunrise.  It was worth the sacrifice.


LA GC Hopi Point 0065-1.jpg

2018—It Rocks All Right!

The Grand Canyon with its red rocks, really rocks and my new Nikon D850 rocks, too!  Tuesday morning at Pipe Creek Vista in the Grand Canyon, the skies were mostly clear so we concentrated on the gorgeous red rocks that are the Grand Canyon.  In order to bring out the reds, the White Balance was 10,000 Kelvin, the Exposure Compensation was -3 stops and the polarizing filter helped reduce reflections of the sky on the rocks.  And, this rockin’ new camera’s ISO was 64!

LA GC Pipe Creek Vista 0137-1.jpg


2018—The Little Tree

On the way to Yosemite Falls on our first morning in Yosemite, we passed an outcropping of granite and this little tree with its curved trunk caught our eye.  It is stunted from growing through the rock crevices and seems to thrive despite its challenging circumstances.

Yosemite Day 1  238-1.jpg