2016—Begging Burros

Most of the animals in South Dakota’s Custer State Park tolerate the vehicles that roll slowly by them as they graze.  For the most part, the local fauna ignore the local tourists.  Except for the begging burros.   When a car stops in view of the small herd of burros, you’ve got to roll up your windows immediately or they will stick their heads inside.  The burros were presumably abandoned by gold miners in the Black Hills and have established themselves as the beggars of the park.  On a rainy morning, this burro raced down the hillside toward me; just as the burro reached my window, I got it closed.  The burro went around the car to the other side hoping that someone would roll down a window and offer a treat.  This is the only in focus shot I managed to capture of any of the begging burros.

Beggin Burrow.jpg