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2018—Curious Yellow?

While I enjoyed a glass of Old Vine Zin on my patio Tuesday evening as the air quality improved and the temperatures were bearable, a pair of Lesser Goldfinches came down to enjoy the bubble in the fountain.  Only the female perched long enough for me to capture an image.  She looked curious about something


lesser goldfinch female.jpg

2018—It’s My Bird’s Life

Bobo, pepper in beak, stands on the edge of the kitchen table, peering down at the mess of peppers she’s dropped on the floor.

Bobo pepper 2.jpg

2018—Revisiting the Grand Canyon

In the past few days, I’ve had occasion to revisit photographs from the Grand Canyon taken on my first K&M Adventure  with Moose Peterson and Kevin Dobler in February 2013.  That was my first visit to the Grand Canyon and and it was a magnificent introduction to this geological treasure.   We had voluminous storm clouds and snow and rain and god beams.  It could not have been more spectacular.  This image didn’t have much color so I converted it to black and white for a more dramatic effect.

Grand Canyon Sat PM-129-1 V 2 B&W.jpg




2018—Bath Time for Bobo

One of Bobo’s favorite things is to get a spray bath.  I have a small, bright yellow spray bottle that I use only for Bobo’s baths and when she sees it, she immediately scrambles out of her cage door, races across the top, steps down the ladder leading to the countertop, and runs to the edge of the kitchen sink to await her bath.   Sadly for Bobo, over the past few days, I have been using “her” spray bottle for another purpose (spraying water drops onto grass leaves if you’ve seen my recent posts) and she has been denied her beloved bath time.  I’m done using the spray bottle for water drops for the time being and when I picked it up to put it away Saturday morning, she barely looked at it.  For several days, I had left it in full view on the countertop and I suppose she had stopped associating it with a bath.  But I spritzed her as she stood atop her cage and she remembered.  She scrambled down the ladder and ran to the edge of the sink to get a proper soaking.

Bobo bath.jpg

2018—More Leaves of Grass

“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.”

—from Leaves of Grass, Song of Myself, by Walt Whitman, 1855

MLP - ASGMT 2 00155-1.jpg


2018—Leaves of Grass

“I lean and loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass.”

—from Song of Myself  by Walt Whitman, 1855

MLP - ASGMT 2 00118-1.jpg

2018—Smoky Drop

The devastating wild fires that are consuming California have blanketed the state with smoke and ash.  Fires are raging, largely uncontained, and smoke covers a third of the state. Although I am more than 100 miles from any of the fires, the sky is hazy and the morning light is reddish.  When I took a photograph of a tiny blade of grass with a water drop yesterday morning, the sun shining through the smoky haze created a reddish aura around the droplet and the sun’s rays created a star burst that glowed red as well.

Nikon D850; 105mm Micro Lens; ISO 64; f/57; Shutter 1.3 sec.

smokey drop.jpg

2018—Faces in the Tunnels

The colorful painted faces in the abandoned railroad tunnels at Donner Summit added a sense of intrigue to the tunnels.  Who are they?  What is their message?

Donner Train Tunnels 00256-1

Donner Train Tunnels 00096-1

Donner Train Tunnels 00243-1

2018—Pointing the Way

Much of the artwork in the abandoned train tunnels at Donner Summit was very clever and sophisticated.  This parrot appears to point the way down the tunnel.

Donner Train Tunnels  00085-1.jpg

2018—‟Hi! Canada Rules”

A little further inside Tunnel #6 of the abandoned train tunnels at Donner Pass, one is surrounded by the chiseled rock walls and ceiling and some of the “Kilroy was here!” type graffiti begins to appear.  White painted letters spelling out “Hi!” and “Canada Rules” almost leap off the walls.  The tiny figure of another photographer is barely visible near the small light at the end of the tunnel.

I stood close to the right wall of the tunnel and used a 5 second exposure to capture as much light as I could.  With the 8-15mm Fisheye lens set to 15mm, the wall appears to stretch and curve out to the right.

Donner Train Tunnels  00042-1.jpg