The written depiction of a Bronx cheer, a raspberry, a general dissatisfaction with a situation or person, is something like this: PPTHHPTHPFFTHPPPT!!! It has a dual meaning for me today. I took a few shots of one of the baby scrub jays (there seem to be at least two now and maybe three) as it attempted bathing and it did manage to do a little splashing but when I looked at this shot, with its tongue protruding from its beak, I couldn’t help but think “raspberry.” And, never having seen a jay’s tongue before today, I thought of my continual quest for a gesture in the wild subjects I follow around and felt this was a pretty good one, as gestures go. Or, perhaps I should say as MY capturing of gestures goes.

The other meaning for me is my own Bronx cheer, directed at my Mac, my Lightroom program, and my Xfinity internet connection, none of which is working properly despite numerous reboots. I couldn’t get anything via wifi on my iPhone either and since my AT&T cell service at my house is practically nonexistent, when I’m at home, texting and calling is spotty at best. When I couldn’t download photos through Lightroom, I booted the MacBookAir. Lightroom seemed to function properly on it and I was able to download photos quickly. But, when I went on-line to write my blog, the photos wouldn’t upload properly and I couldn’t get them to appear in the post. Another rebooting of the MacBookAir helped and suddenly, everything seemed to be back to normal, on that computer at least. My frustration continues but at least I have an option now.

untitled shoot-1945

One thought on “2015—PPTHHPTHPFFTHPPPT!!!

  1. Hah! Cute little guy- and, well, that is a gesture! Our photo club watched a Jay Maisel video last month- ANYTHING can have a gesture- interesting to watch him if you haven’t before.

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