2015—Tiger Lilies

My photography outing with Bruce on Tuesday resulted in an interesting and varied array of photographic options for my blog. We pulled off the Freeway at Emigrant Gap and drove past a place called the Onion Valley Campground to find a large meadow of wild tiger lilies he’d seen in full bloom a few weeks ago. They were beautiful but a bit past their prime according to Bruce. Still, I thought they were gorgeous and focused in on one pair that I struggled to photograph as the breeze was erratic. I was not as prepared as I usually am so much of my gear was at home. Fortunately, on Bruce’s advice, I borrowed a polarizing filter from him that allowed me to capture the stunning beauty of the tiger lilies without the bright, mid-afternoon sun blowing out parts of the photo. With the pine trees as a background, their bright colors pop.

After spending an hour or so photographing the lilies, we decided it was time for a break so we headed back toward the empty Onion Valley Campground to eat our bag lunches. As we drove back, a young black bear cub suddenly sprinted in front of us and scurried across the road. I had my camera in my lap but was not fast enough to get off a shot. He was only a quarter mile or so from the meadow where we’d photographed the lilies and only another quarter mile or so from the campground. I kept alert for him and wary that his mother was also nearby, but we never got another glimpse of him.

Here is the pair of tiger lilies I was happy to finally capture after fighting the breeze, a shot of a single flower, and Bruce photographing the lilies.

Tiger Lilies-3340

Tiger Lilies-3463

Tiger Lilies-3434