A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a portable paper backdrop set to use both at home and any time I need a solid white background, which seems to be more frequent as I do product photography for Vaneli’s Handcrafted Coffees. It consists of two stands with a connecting rod and a roll of 53 inch wide stiff paper. It’s much better than the Rube Goldberg contraptions I usually set up with inadequate clamps attached to flimsy trifold foam core boards that hold thin, wrinkly freezer paper strips and that collapse around my subject just as I trigger the shutter. I thought I’d try it out today because the room that I am slowly converting to a photography studio of sorts, was free enough of unrelated clutter for me to set it up.

I had picked up a few Packham pears (marketed that way but on closer examination are really Autumn Bartletts from either Argentina or Chile—I guess California pears aren’t ripening yet) and decided the trio of pears (pun intended) would make a good subject for the new backdrop. It’s nice not to have to Photoshop out lines and seams.

Sunday pears-2108

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  1. Well how cool- looks like it will be great for product shoots! Very well lit pears- excellent!

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