2015—First Harvest

The heat has been unrelenting until today when the temperature dropped a full ten degrees to a tolerable 95° with a slight Delta breeze to save us but, with a full cloud cover, the humidity is deadly. I decided to skip grilling dinner (I also skipped grilling yesterday but at about 106° that was a no-brainer) because I haven’t been to the grocery store in a few days and hadn’t thawed anything from the freezer. I decided a cool salad would be perfect. I wasn’t expecting anything to harvest, although I think I might have a few fingerling eggplants that I’ll be able to grill in a couple of days, but I wanted to see how my tomatoes were faring with the heat and the onslaught of chewing things; I didn’t see any huge tomato worms yet although I’m sure small ones are there, soon to be huge, but I did find a few of some other kind of tiny worm wreaking havoc on my tomatoes and peppers. While I peered at the plants, a bit of red, near the dirt, caught my eye. Two Juliet tomatoes fell into my hand when I reached down to feel how ripe they were. They are small, less than two inches, but I thought they’d be perfect in my dinner salad. I dropped them on a bed of spinach for the photo.

I used the macro lens because they were so small I needed to fill the frame with them. And, I used my new remote that will eventually, when I receive the other transmitter, allow me to trigger the shutter release on two cameras at once. I haven’t quite decided when I’ll need to do this but I’m happy to have the new shutter release for my D800 which until now has lacked a small shutter release remote like I had for my D90 and which still works on my D7100.

first tomatoes-0224