2018—The Booby Hatch

Literally, this is The Booby Hatch!  The seaside hills near the Kilauea Lighthouse on Kauai  are filled with nesting Boobies, specifically, Red-footed Boobies.  When the eggs hatch, well, you’ve got your Booby Hatch!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Booby Hatch 2

Boobies are pelagic birds which spend most of their lives at sea and usually come ashore only to nest.  And, when they come ashore, they do it in droves.  Every available branch seems to have a nesting Booby.

Booby Hatch 1

This photograph is a little closer to show a few of the nests.  I took both of these nesting shots using the Nikon D5, 300mm PF lens with 1.4X Teleconverter and with the camera set to high speed crop, essentially giving me 630mm focal length.

Red footed Boobie

This Red-footed Booby flies toward the nesting area.  It has a somewhat perplexed look on its face, as if it is trying to figure out which nest site to land at.