2108—Rust and Lichen

Thursday morning, heading south on US195 toward Lewiston, Idaho for breakfast, we passed through Uniontown, WA and pulled over at Artisans at the Dahman Barn.  This cultural facility promotes inspirational and enriching programs in the visual, performing, and culinary arts.  At this early hour of the morning, it was not open but that didn’t matter because we were drawn to the unique fence surrounding the facility, which was created entirely out of rusted, lichen covered wheels from farming equipment.

I started with my fisheye lens but I didn’t like the effect so I switched to my 300mm for detail shots.  The rust and lichen add such interest as do the various ways of connecting the wheels to form the fence, including nuts and bolts and even baling wire.

lichen and rust.jpg

rusted lichen wheel palouse

Palouse Day 3 AM 5731 -1.jpg

Rusty Wheel 1



2 thoughts on “2108—Rust and Lichen

  1. That is one great fence. I hope you took a “normal” photo to show the extent of the fence as it surrounds the property.

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