2018—Spring Salsify

Salsify springs up occasionally on the median strips between the walkways and the parking areas at my gym.  It is intriguing to me because its large flower is bright and cheerful and its root is edible although I have not knowingly ever tasted salsify.  Salsify is related to the parsnip and belongs to the dandelion family.  I may have to plant my own and see how it tastes.  I’ve read that its flavor is somewhere between asparagus and artichoke but its other name is “oyster plant” because some say it has an oyster-like flavor.  That gives me pause because I am not an oyster fan.  Over the years,  the plant’s presence has become less and less prominent at the gym and Tuesday morning I saw flowers on only two spindly plants.  Since the light was lovely and they were right next to where I parked my car, I photographed the two together.