2018—Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Bobo

The ever curious and infinitely territorial Bobo had to investigate what I was doing Easter morning because I had invaded her window seat.  I had placed a pot of herbs there and had my 105mm macro lens on the D850.   I love the gorgeous light that the north facing window provides and I often take advantage of that light if I want to photograph something close up.  I wanted to try the D850’s Focus Shift feature that takes sets of photographs at prescribed intervals and distances, changing the focus point on each photograph with the end result, a single photograph that combines many photographs into one so that all of the fine details are in focus.

Sadly for me, this attempt was quickly thwarted by the presence of Bobo in the shot but I decided to make the best of the situation and she became my subject.  I had placed a piece of black mat board behind the pot of herbs so that the distracting view through the window was eliminated but still allowed the light.  As happens every time I do this, Bobo chewed on the edges of the mat board.  When her actions jiggled the cardboard enough so that it fell forward, she panicked and plummeted off the window seat (she doesn’t fly but rather flaps ungracefully) to the floor.  That ended the photography session.  And,  I have yet to get successful results from the D850’s focus shift feature.  I’ll have to try another day.