2018—Fish Eye Sunrise at Hopi Point

Fish eye lenses create such distorted views of the world like a fish looking through a fish bowl but when the horizon is placed dead center, it serves as the wide-angle lens it is.  My fish eye lens is a DX 10.5mm lens so when I put it on the D850, the D850 became a crop sensor camera.  I took quite a few shots at Hopi Point in the Grand Canyon one morning trying to get the horizon dead center.    This one of my successful attempts.

Fish eye sunrise at HOpi Point.jpg


2018—Little Blind on the Prairie

On our first morning in the Sand Hills of Nebraska at the Switzer Ranch, home of Calamus Outfitters where we’re spending the week photographing Greater Prairie Chickens and Sharp-tailed Grouse, we were excited to shoot Greater Prairie Chickens on the lek.     We need to keep our long lenses as unobtrusive as possible, letting them protrude only a few inches out of the blind.  This restricted the usable area behind the cameras so we were a bit cramped.   But once again, the sounds of the birds on the lek coming to life at 6 AM in the dark, surrounding us with their morning calls was enough to get the adrenalin pumping.  And, as the sun brought light to the prairie, we were treated to great views from our little blind on the prairie.

Prairie Chicken Day 1 - 1.jpg