2018—Welcome to Old Auburn

Wednesday evening, I met members of the Placer Camera Club for dinner at a relatively new restaurant in Auburn called the Tap & Vine before we went out to photograph downtown Auburn at night.  The dozen or so of us had such an enjoyable time at the restaurant that we were about a half hour late meeting up with the rest of the group who chose not to join us for dinner first.  We broke up into small groups and wandered around.  A few of us in my group were intrigued with the lights of the signs at the dive bar called The California.  While I’ve not been to The California, I have enjoyed a glass or two of wine at Carpe Vino, whose  round sign can be seen in the background.


4 thoughts on “2018—Welcome to Old Auburn

  1. Nice image Carol. You really nailed the lighting. Somehow we got split up and we ended up in Old Town later.

  2. Nice exposure on that sign, the yellow of California is really bright relative to rest of the area.

  3. What a fun idea for a photo shoot! I love how the red light spills onto the sidewalk- very cool!

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