2015—Night Skies At Arches

My friend Richard sent me a link to remind me of one of the new features of both Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC…the dehazing slider that removes haze and enhances night skies. He suggested that he might have to redo some of his photos from our Moab trip this past April. I responded that since most of my photos from Moab sucked, there was little point. But, this morning I started fiddling with some of them and the filter really does help. I also went back to my photos from Moab in 2014 with Moose. Here are two of my dehazed shots.

Arches 2015

Moab 2015 -103

Arches 2014

Arches Stars-24

2 thoughts on “2015—Night Skies At Arches

  1. Such great shots! The first thing I did when I updated was re-do a couple of my Grand Canyon photos using de-haze- they were better than I thought! Your images are beautiful- you are too hard on yourself!

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