2015—Tips And Tails

In photography, unintentionally cutting off the wingtips or tails of either a bird or a plane (or, I suppose, Superman’s fingers or feet as his body is stretched out in flight), is frowned upon. Likewise, unintentionally capturing a tail as it leaves the frame is also a “no-no” when the focus is on something else. I have discovered that composition in bird photography is extremely difficult, partly because birds are almost constantly in motion. My long time goal has been capturing birds in flight and in focus and completely in the frame. It has also been a rare achievement for me.

I am excited to practice bird photography with my new 600mm lens. This lens is phenomenal, fabulous, and very daunting. I have ordered a gimbal head for it but in the meantime, I’m using my ball head and the plate from my D800 which I have sent to Nikon for servicing to hold the 600mm lens on the tripod. It is not the right plate but it seems to be doing the job for now.

When I focused on the fountain from inside my house, the baby scrub jays, with their Walt Disney beaks, were exploring it. But, I wasn’t fast enough to compose the shot properly so I ended up with lots of tips and tails either missing or unwanted.

Again, these shots are uncropped from about 30 feet away inside the house. I should have changed the ISO because at ISO 1600, and f/4, the shutter speed was 1/1600.

600mm scrub jay-2312

600mm scrub jay-2317

2 thoughts on “2015—Tips And Tails

  1. You will love the gimbal head. The lens will balance so you can concentrate on the photo and not having the whole deal crash.

    I used the RRS on High Island with the 800. But will go back to gimbal.

    Have FUN!

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