Day 104—Madyson

It’s raining and I’m behind in my photography class lessons so I plan to spend the day studying and taking photos for my class; I don’t expect any of the class assignment photos to be acceptable for my blog. So, after looking at my dog nose photo from yesterday, and even though I love dog noses, I don’t think it does justice for my house guest, Madyson (Mady for short). So today’s photo is Mady’s entire face. She was resting on her dog bed when I came home from the gym, exhausted, I’m sure, from events of yesterday afternoon, after my brother and sister-in-law left. Although Mady seemed to quickly adjust to staying with me, the severe, late afternoon thunder and hail storm unsettled her a bit and she moved under the kitchen table by Bobo’s cage. I moved to the table as well just to make sure things stayed calm as both Bobo and Mady were jumpy from the thunder. There is a bit of rivalry going on there and they are both competing for my attention. And I was worried at first that Mady might suddenly remember she’s a bird dog and mayhem might ensue. Well, mayhem did ensue briefly but Bobo won and that’s documented on Bobo’s Blog.

For today’s shot, I used my new 50mm 1.4 lens and experimented with various apertures. The lens creates photos with incredibly shallow depth of field, especially at the larger apertures but even at f/8. I wanted to get as close to Mady’s face as I could with her entire face in focus. I was still a bit too close because the focus on her nose is soft. She cooperated by not moving while I set the camera on a pillow at eye level, used my remote shutter release and set a long shutter speed.

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 200
1.6 Seconds

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