Day 113—Green Balusters

Mady and I walked in Antelope Community Park this morning. It’s the first time since they built the high school that I have visited the redesigned playground area by the fire station. The new (to me) playground is colorful and interesting and there wasn’t a child in evidence. Of course it was just a few minutes after 8AM when we were there; I’m sure it will be filled with excited giggles and squeals later today.

My favorite photo from this morning is a view of a walkway railing in the playground. And, as luck would have it, today’s daily challenge theme is “ten or more.” I’m still trying to use shutter priority as much as possible this week, although a static railing is not exactly when one needs to use Shutter Priority settings. And, once again, I failed to recheck my settings and my ISO was set to 640 after some twilight photos of Mady in the yard last evening. Sigh. One of these days, I hope some of the photography information I’ve tried to pack my feeble brain cells with will actually emerge on a conscious level.

Focal Length 300mm
Shooting Mode: Shutter Prioity
ISO 640