Day 115, Part 2—Action!

I don’t have a Mady blog, and since Bobo isn’t featured in any shots today I don’t want to use Bobo’s Blog to post Mady shots. So, I have no where else to post these shots except to my blog so today’s blog gets a part 2. My Photography Workshop assignment for week 2 was freezing and implying motion AND a creative shutter speed shot. We had to use the shutter priority shooting mode. These are my two favorite shots that I took of Mady today and we haven’t gone on our walk yet. Could there be a Part 3 to today’s blog?

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 200

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 100

Day 115—For There’s A Change In The Weather . . .

The weather is changing yet again. And, yet again, a song has entered my head and I can’t get it out. So, with the melody from “There’ll Be Some Changes Made” rattling around in my brain, the stormy looking clouds seemed to be the perfect illustration of my current tune torture. And as luck would have it, “change” is today’s daily challenge theme.

Focal Length 28mm
Shooting Mode: Aperture Priority
ISO: 200