Day 92—Feathers In The Fountain

My bubbling fountain was not bubbling too well today so I went out to see if I could fix it. After bumbling around and creating a geyser instead of a soft gurgling bubble, a phone call to a local fountain purveyor resulted in a suggestion that I had air in the line and it was easily fixable by just unplugging and replugging the fountain a few times. It worked. Then, I realized that fountain starts with the letter “F” which is the topic of today’s daily challenge. I thought I’d photograph the fountain with the azalea flowers (another “F”) in the background and perhaps even viewed through something that might create a frame within a frame, yet another “F” word. As I sat in front of the fountain taking shots from various angles, the hummingbird, apparently now used to my lens, hovered nearby and then plunged into the fountain. What serendipity—feathers in the fountain. Here are my favorites from my latest close encounter with my friend, the hummer. I think this is the female hummer and, as you can see, she really enjoys her bath.

I took all of these photos at a focal length of 300mm, using the Sunny 16 rule (ISO 200, Shutter Speed 200, f/16) and WB set to Sunny. I cropped them all and gave each one a slight levels adjustment.