Day 120—Parting Shots

The anticipated ukulele/piano jam session of yesterday evening never happened. Copious amounts of beer and wine were consumed which we thought might trigger it but instead, our indelicate consumption of alcohol caused us all to retire early. This morning, however, caffein was all we needed to get going again. Mady got things off to a good start by actually retrieving the newspaper and posing for a shot; not the pose I had hoped for but at least she was still. Arthur tuned his ukulele and started to strum the chords to “Hukilau” (“oh, we’re going to a hukilau”) which is a song I learned words and hula moves to on a long ago trip to Hawaii. My spontaneous hula caused Sue to grab my camera and take some shots but because she didn’t understand my back button focus settings, the shot is thankfully out of focus. I took a shot of Arthur strumming and one last shot of Mady, anxious about the long car ride home. As I look at these parting shots, none is in crisp focus. I used Aperture Priority for all and completely forgot about exposure compensation adjustments. The first several shots are all SOOC; I cropped the last one of Mady slightly. They are all candids so I won’t obsess about my lack of technique. Tomorrow, it’s back to serious photography again. In the meantime, I’m going to miss Mady.