Day 118—Thistle

Mady and I walked along Miner’s Ravine Trail again today. It’s Mady’s last day with me. Arthur and Sue are returning tomorrow to take her home. This time we turned left toward town and walked about mile and a half before turning around. I don’t know how close we got to Royer Park which was my original destination. The GPS on my iPhone was having trouble pinpointing my exact location on the map for some reason but I had my Run Keeper App on and it recorded a distance of 1.43 miles when we decided to turn around.

I’m still using Aperture Priority settings on my camera. I had auto ISO on for a while but changed it to ISO 100 because the sky was so bright. I’m still so used to fiddling with the dials to make adjustments in manual mode that I failed to notice that I’d moved the shutter dial which doesn’t do anything in Aperture Priority unless you have Easy Exposure Compensation enabled which I just did yesterday as an adjunct to Aperture Priority. So, when I got home, I noticed that I’d adjusted all photos I took today by -0.33 ev. Dang! Once again I’m foisted by my petard. I think that adjustment darkened the exposure by 1/3 of a stop, but it didn’t seem to do too much damage to the shots I took.

My favorite shot from today’s walk is a closeup of a thistle. We had to walk off the road into the weeds about 30 feet but I pretended that no rattlers were in the vicinity. We made it out unscathed so I guess I was right. I like the colors, the depth of field, the lighting, and yes, even the composition. It isn’t in the middle of the shot, although a few I took were before I caught myself.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 100
Shooting Mode: Aperture Priority
Exposure Bias: -0.33 (by mistake)