Day 104—Part 2 —Equal Time For Bobo

I’m still experimenting with my new lens and trying to apply some of the composition rules I’m learning in my class. I didn’t plan to post any of the Bobo pix I took today but when I saw this one, I knew I had to post it. I was crouching/laying on the kitchen floor looking up at Bobo as she wandered the kitchen counter. I had just finished reading the “creative viewpoints” and “portrait” chapters in this week’s lesson. She was curious about me lurking on the floor and had just peered over the edge of the counter.

I think this shot exhibits some of the things I’ve learned this week: 1) Bobo is clearly the subject; 2)it is simple, with no extraneous clutter; 3) it makes use of lines (the countertop) which could also be considered a framing element; 4) it is a sort of candid portrait; 5) it is shot from a creative point of view; 6) to me it tells a story because she is so engaged with the camera; 7) there is empty space. But, it does have a major compositional problem: it does not effectively use the rule of thirds. But, sometimes, we’re told by our instructor, the rules are made to be broken and I love this shot. It’s a little underexposed but I like the brightness on the top of her head.

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 200

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