Day 93—Down Up Down

First, I must print a disclaimer as I am currently self-medicating with cold medicine that leaves me a bit dopey. That said (inside joke only my fellow photoblogger, Melinda, will understand, and which is not remotely funny but as I said, in my drug induced state of mind my normal acuity for writing has been dulled a bit) today’s challenge topic is “up and down.” As I sat at my Mac staring into space this morning and considering what I might photograph close to home, I realized the light switches on the wall behind the computer go up and down. And the switch plate that I bought at a home show a couple of years ago, actually the oldest thing in my home, makes an interesting background for the light switches. It is carved from a piece of “spiral fossil Marble” from Pakistan that is between 15 and 40 million years old. And, no, I didn’t remember that, I just never throw anything away and the little card that came with it was nearby in my desk drawer.

With the camera set on my tripod, I used a bright flashlight covered with the tungsten gel from my Nikon Speed Light to make the shadow when I took the photograph using my remote shutter release. Then, I made a slight levels adjustment in Aperture and added a vignette for interest.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 100
4 seconds