Day 103—The Nose Has It

Today, Action Camera called to tell me that . . . my new 50mm 1.4 lens arrived. I was hoping for the D800 but this lens is for the D800, whenever it arrives, so it’s a good thing. My first subject using the new lens was Mady who was afraid I was paying too much attention to Bobo. Mady is staying with Bobo and me for the next two and a half weeks. When I pet Mady, Bobo gets jealous. When I interact with Bobo, Mady is jealous. It will be an interesting couple of weeks. And, I have much to learn about this lens. I love that it has an exquisitely shallow depth of field when it is wide open but I neglected to study how close it will focus so this shot is a little “soft,” the term photographers use for less than crisply sharp focus.

Today’s daily challenge theme is “The Bottom Half” and I considered taking photos of Mady’s tail and hindquarters but I love dog noses and when I started shooting closeups of her face, I decided the bottom half of her face featuring her nose was adorable, even as drippy as it is, and perfect for the challenge. I was so excited about the lens that I failed to increase the ISO and when I realized it, Mady had laid back down and gone to sleep so my photo ops were gone for the time being. I had to make a levels adjustment.

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 200