Day 12—A Future Canoe?

Late in the afternoon, still without any idea of what I might photograph today, I went out to throw some trash in the garbage can and my eye was drawn to the catkins on my neighbor’s birch tree, reflecting the sunlight. I had noticed them a few hours earlier and even took a couple of shots but the lighting was wrong at that time and the photos were just unappealing. What a difference a few hours makes. Not only was the sun at the perfect angle bathing the catkins in golden light, but the sky had changed color as well, to almost a turquoise. When I downloaded the photos I was astounded at the difference in the color of the sky from just a few hours earlier.

I forgot to change the ISO from yesterday’s shoot in the gym so once again it’s higher than I normally would use outdoors. And I cropped the photo slightly to eliminate a distracting clump of catkins.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 640

One thought on “Day 12—A Future Canoe?

  1. Gosh Carol how do you know all this stuff??!!! I’ve heard the term, but didn’t know what they were. Photo op for the future- catkins! I had to google them. Great focus and light on your catkins! Nicely done!

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