Day 6—Behind Bars

Today I drove to Santa Rosa to visit my friend Honora. Honora is one of my wonderfully supportive friends who not only accommodates my photographic idiosyncrasies but seems eager to help identify places for me to indulge my idiosyncrasies. Tonight she took me to Old Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa so I could photograph night scenes using long exposures. We parked in a city parking lot where I found this mural. This was my first shot this evening and my favorite. The mural is actually full face and shoulders and covers the entire wall behind the stairwell but this partial view of just her eyes was not only the most intriguing view, it was also very mysterious. The night guard at the parking lot informed me that it was fortunate that I took the photo from the sidewalk outside the parking structure because they do not allow photographs inside the parking structure.

Focal Length 38mm
ISO 100
20 seconds