Day 12—A Future Canoe?

Late in the afternoon, still without any idea of what I might photograph today, I went out to throw some trash in the garbage can and my eye was drawn to the catkins on my neighbor’s birch tree, reflecting the sunlight. I had noticed them a few hours earlier and even took a couple of shots but the lighting was wrong at that time and the photos were just unappealing. What a difference a few hours makes. Not only was the sun at the perfect angle bathing the catkins in golden light, but the sky had changed color as well, to almost a turquoise. When I downloaded the photos I was astounded at the difference in the color of the sky from just a few hours earlier.

I forgot to change the ISO from yesterday’s shoot in the gym so once again it’s higher than I normally would use outdoors. And I cropped the photo slightly to eliminate a distracting clump of catkins.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 640