Day 9—Blatant Rip Off

Today was one of those days in which photography was on my mind all day but none of the photos I took were good. I started late; I didn’t get out to take photos until after 4PM. I’d read about multiple exposures and wanted to try that, so instead of starting simple, I decided to take a multiple exposure of a bird in flight. I drove to Levee Road where I’ve found lots of water fowl and raptors in the past and thought the late afternoon sun would be perfect for such an experiment. To my surprise, I saw only a couple of black coots swimming around and they were in deep shade, not a good photo op. I drove toward home and by this time, the sun was setting so I stopped to take some sunset photos. They were just average, nothing interesting. When I got home, I tried some backlit photos of a my Chinese “Flying Horse” but they were a big disappointment, too. I even tried a couple of multiple exposures of Bobo. This is a technique I definitely need to work on. My Daily Challenge Flickr group’s topic today is “resolution;” not only am I not inspired by that topic, absolutely nothing comes to mind anyway. Then I visited Melinda Three Six Five to see what my friend Melinda posted today. She posted a couple of photos, one of a Gerbera daisy and one of some oranges on her countertop. Well, I don’t have any Gerbera daisies to photograph but I DO have some Mandarin oranges. So, in a blatant rip off of Melinda’s photo today, here’s my version. Thanks, Melinda. I needed help today.

Focal Length 85mm
ISO 100