Day 16—Just Ducky

Today’s daily challenge is to “use a prop.” I decided to use the little rubber ducky that lives on the granite shower ledge. This is my only bathroom decor and I thought it would be perfect for the “prop” challenge. As I fiddled with posing the little guy, I realized that the purpose of the “prop” is to enhance the subject of the photo, not to BE the subject of the photo. What now? Aaah! I needed a prop! I remembered I still have a bunch of little paper drink umbrellas from some long-forgotten project (or maybe from my mai tai fiasco, but that’s another story) so I got one, affixed it to the ducky with, appropriately enough, “Duck Brand” duct tape; and now my prop, which is now the subject of the photo, had a prop. I experimented with different apertures because I was trying to decide whether to have the drops on the glass become bokeh or still be obvious water drops. I think this pose looks as if the rubber ducky is noticing I forgot to squeegee the shower and the obvious drops still are sort of bokeh-ish.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100