Day 11—Environmental Portrait

Say what? I was getting ready to leave for my workout at the gym this morning and I thought I’d better look to see what the Daily Challenge topic was so I could be thinking about it while I was working out. “Environmental Portrait” is the topic and I have to confess I had no clue what an environmental portrait was. I reviewed the associated link to learn that it is a posed portrait that in essence tells a story; the person is posed in their environment which helps identify who they are, what their occupation is, what they do for a hobby, how they live, how they play, etc.

Finding a subject and planning such a photo shoot was more than I wanted to tackle today so I decided to skip the day’s topic. But, while I was working out, I saw that my personal trainer, Noelle, was in the gym training another client, so I asked if she’d pose for me and she agreed.

I didn’t put much thought into posing my subject and it shows. The composition is very ordinary even with the reflection. The light was poor so I had to bump up the ISO more than I like to do and I misread my meter which was telling me my exposure was correct because it was metering on the reflected windows instead of Noelle’s face. Consequently, I had to brighten the exposure. I also cropped the photo slightly.

To me, however, the best part about this photograph is that I Photoshopped out the lady in the magenta tank top talking on her cell phone while on the elliptical machine. So if nothing else, this challenge gave me an opportunity to practice some of my recently learned Photoshop skills.

Focal Length 42mm
ISO 640

One thought on “Day 11—Environmental Portrait

  1. I have no idea why you are apologizing for this wonderful portrait! I think it is excellent- could be in a magazine! And good job getting rid of the lady in the background; not a trace of her remains! Much better than my fire guy- which was an exposure nightmare! Never take photos in full sun! But I digress- excellent portrait and beautiful subject!

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