Day 22—Port A, Day 1

I’m settling into the Port A routine. Susan, Buddy and I took a morning stroll on the beach as the dense fog lifted. The air is humid and warm despite the deep cloud cover and the fresh salt air is exhilarating. I was happy to see my favorite shore birds, the sanderlings, darting through the surf and a group of brown pelicans flying overhead in a Vee formation. There were willets and laughing gulls and royal terns adding to the beach ambiance. A great blue heron stood vigilant in the surf, waiting for an unsuspecting fish to swim by.

I set the white balance to cloudy but when I downloaded the photos they had a distinct yellow cast so I changed the white balance to daylight. I also cropped the photos and made some curves adjustments to brighten them. Here is the great blue heron waiting, then flying off with his catch, then waiting again. And a royal tern flies overhead.