Day 3—Ten Steps. . . or so

Today’s ODC challenge is “ten steps.” Being the very literal person I am, I wondered where I’d easily find 10 steps. I’m glad that the fact that I have a beautiful staircase, ironically just ten steps from my computer, didn’t dawn on me immediately; if it had, I would have jumped up, photographed it, and posted, completely ignorant of the actual challenge: walk ten steps, see what we find, and photograph it. It doesn’t matter where the ten steps start. So, this morning, as I left the gym, whose environs continue to be a wealth of photographic opportunities for me, I realized that the beautiful Yuletide camellia that I have been admiring for the past few weeks because it is in bloom this time of year, was just a few steps outside the door of the gym. Maybe seven steps. Close enough for me.

Yesterday I made some changes to the shooting settings in my camera, brightening it a bit. Before I decide to keep the changes, I will have to do some side by side comparisons which I failed to do this morning. The camellia is in deep shade and whether due to my new settings or to my failure to change the white balance from auto to shade, the original photo has a bluish cast. I warmed the temperature up just a bit, from 5004K to 5924K.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100
White Balance Adjusted in Aperture