Day 8—Mum’s the Word

It was bright and sunny this morning in Santa Rosa and the sunlight shining through the kitchen window provided a beautiful backlight for a bouquet of green mums and white lilies. The new week’s topic for my Recording Images Flickr group is “back lighting.” I love backlit photos and that is one of my favorite types of lighting to use. I took several close up images of the backlit green mums and lilies.

Now, I’m gathering up my courage to submit some of these images to Recording Images, after I took a bit of a beating yesterday when I submitted my “Behind Bars” image for the long exposure challenge. It was apparently not quite the type of long exposure the moderator had in mind. But, I’m never one to be deterred and I have already submitted a second photo for the long exposure challenge and I will be submitting two of my backlit flower photos today.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 400