Day 351—Everybody’s Got Something To Hide . . .

. . .’cept for me and my monkey. Well, the Beatles said it and I agree, I ain’t got nothin’ to hide and my monkey doesn’t either. But considering today’s challenge is “arms,” maybe I do have something to hide. My flabby arms are certainly something to hide and, since I don’t have a hunky guy around whose bulging biceps would make a good photograph, I decided that my morning coffee cup would have to step in for this challenge. I hoped to add interest to the photo by pouring some hot coffee and capturing a beautiful swirl of steam wafting from the cup. Easier said than done, so, that is yet another item I must add to the many photographic challenges I need to learn.

So, here is my monkey, without me, and a paltry bit of steam rising, not the elegant swirl I envisioned but couldn’t figure out how to capture.

Focal Length 85mm
ISO 100
1/4 second

One thought on “Day 351—Everybody’s Got Something To Hide . . .

  1. You DID get the steam! Well done! Very nice shot- I’m impressed! And the cup is CUTE! And how are you liking Back Button Focus? I went back and forth several times on it. I think I do like it best now.

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