Day 352—’Twas Brillig

Today’s challenge topic is “Through the Looking Glass.” To me it is a rather far-reaching and complex topic because the explanation for it challenged us to use mirrors, windows, or doorways as frames to suggest mood and psychological depth as an example of ways to shape the world around us. It was a little too deep for me today. I use frames all the time when I take photos because I think it gives depth. However, today I took lots of photos without mirrors, windows or doorways and none met the challenge. I got home after dark and cut one of the few remaining roses and placed it in front of a wall mirror in the upstairs hall. I struggled with whether to have the rose or its reflection in focus and decided the reflection had to be in focus in order to fulfill the challenge of “through the looking glass.”

I think it is interesting that the reflection has a ghost, even though I used my tripod. Hmmm. Maybe there’s more to Alice’s Through the Looking-Glass than meets the eye! I wonder if there are any slithy toves lurking in the darkness?

Focal Length 85mm
ISO 100
1/2 second