Day 344—A Knotty Problem

I’m really busy today without much time to spend on my photo. And to make things worse, the challenge today is “red, white, and blue” without using a flag, at Christmastime when everything is red and green. I looked in Ron’s tool cabinet because I remembered he had some tools with red and blue handles but the first thing I saw was his Chapman’s knot book which is red and blue and Ron’s practice piece of rope from the late Sunset Line and Twine Company, which is white. So I tried to remember how to tie a bowline, couldn’t and had to look it up in the knot book. I hope I did it right! Anyway, here is my answer to the red, white, and blue challenge today.

The bonus is a little bokeh from the gold lettering on the blue part of the book.

Focal Length 85mm
ISO 100