Day 360—The Year of the Eagle

This has been the Year of the Eagle for me. From my Fly Like an Eagle post on Day 170, to my Tesla post on Day 299, to my Bald Eagle post on Day 324, to The Eagle Has Landed post on Day 331 to Hog, I mean Hawk, Heaven on Day 338, to today, I have seen and photographed more eagles, both bald and golden, than I ever expected to see in my lifetime.

So, this afternoon, on another crisp, clear, sunny day in Redding, when four of us ventured out on Lake Shasta (my brother and sister-in-law and her brother and me) in search of bald eagles and fish, I was thrilled when my brother spotted another beautiful eagle, this one a soon-to-be adult (I think it’s called a four year juvenile) with a few remaining dark feathers on his otherwise white head and tail. The fish were not in evidence and an unidentifiable sound, possibly indicating some sort of electrical malfunction, brought us back to the dock long before we wanted to return but not before I photographed this eagle. Here are three of the best, cropped and enhanced because although I tried both manual and automatic settings, they all still required tweaking.