Day 350—Mystical Moon

Today’s challenge is to photograph a mystical figure. When I went out to get the newspaper this morning, the moon was surrounded by a glow so I thought it would make a perfect mystical figure. I attached my 70-300mm zoom lens and my tripod and went outside to get the perfect mystical shot. My next door neighbors, with whom I am not on the best of terms, were in the process of getting a carload of sleepy children off to day care and they didn’t even acknowledge their wacko neighbor’s “good morning” as she stood in the early morning darkness, adjusting her tripod, bathrobe tie loosening and threatening to expose god knows what. It was pretty chilly out, both the temperature in the air and my neighbors’ chilly reception to my early morning greeting, and so I worked quickly trying different exposures in an effort to capture the clouds and glow behind the moon. I did not succeed and my underexposure left the moon looking more moody than mystical. But I did get a good focus so with a little tweaking in curves, this is as mystical as I can get today!

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 100
Curves and cropped

One thought on “Day 350—Mystical Moon

  1. Beautiful moon shot- excellent focus and clarity! I have also been a front yard, bathrobe wearing photographer- and am giggling at the image of you taking your mystical photo in front of your neighbors. Tee hee!

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