Day 356—Ah-Choo!

The topic of today’s challenge is “symbol.” I took lots of photos of ubiquitous symbols today at the gym, e.g., women’s room, men’s room, fire extinguisher, handicapped, caution, etc. I even stopped this afternoon and photographed some mistletoe in a tree, although far be it from me to understand why a toxic parasite that kills its host is a holiday symbol that requires anyone under it to be kissed. Late this afternoon, when I was at a loss about what to photograph, I reviewed my photos from this morning at the gym and one suddenly seemed the obvious choice. What better to symbolize the cold and flu season, which is upon us, than a box of Kleenex? I took only one shot of this subject and the depth of field is so shallow that most of the photo is sort of fuzzy but, that’s how you feel when you’ve got a cold or the flu. The photo also shows the “Kleenex” brand which symbolizes, er, well, Kleenex!

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 200
WB – Automatic…Yay! I remembered to reset it.