Day 341—Dalarna Girls

Today’s challenge is “childhood memories.” Growing up in the 1950’s I had a large collection of storybook dolls which were displayed in my room at home on built-in shelves. Storybook dolls were for DISPLAY, not for PLAY, and people would give them to me for various occasions. New dolls were placed out of reach on the shelves. The collection was nothing I ever wanted; it was more likely something my Mom wanted, and, with just a few exceptions, that collection is long gone. However, I do still own and cherish a pair of storybook dolls that my Swedish Grandmother presented to me for Christmas when I was probably five or six years old. She designed and sewed the doll costumes from fabric remnants to represent the traditional clothing worn in her home town of Äppelbo in the Dalarna region of Sweden. The fabric is beginning to deteriorate, and the sleeves are tattered a bit. But when I see these dolls, I think fondly of Gram and wish that I thought to ask her about her childhood memories in Sweden and about the adventures she must have had when, more than a hundred years ago, as a teenager, she came alone by ship to the United States to live with a relative in Minnesota.

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