Day 354—Rope. . .Or What’s Left Of It

Today’s challenge topic is “rope.” I have many kinds of rope around the house but I didn’t want to take a photo of “posed” rope, especially since I posed some rope for the “red, white and blue” challenge a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to find an interesting existing hank of rope hanging someplace, envisioning a rustic setting and rough wooden walls or rope coiled on the deck of a sailboat. Of course I don’t know anyone with a horse barn or anyone with a sailboat. As I contemplated what I’d do today, Bobo, my feathered roommate (I hesitate to call her a friend since she removes chunks of my flesh with her beak with some regularity), began attacking her favorite perch, a colorful ROPE that is attached to her cage. So my picture today is of the tattered end of her rope perch which obviously has seen better days and which will soon be replaced with a new one, upon which she will continue to hone her biting skills.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100
WB Fine Weather (I have still failed to reset the WB-at least the lighting in this shot was from a window)