Day 336—Drift

Today’s challenge is a “photo walk shot.” I took three separate jaunts outside today and found my shots uninspiring. Then, about 3 PM, I had to run an errand and saw a huge drift of leaves near my house so I stopped and took a few shots. The wind has been blowing leaves everywhere for the past three days. What I find interesting is that the leaves have accumulated in great long drifts in the middle of my street and along the gutters and over the sidewalks. They are not evenly distributed along gutters but randomly piled from the whimsical wind (I think they call her Mariah, don’t they?) almost as if someone raked them into a huge pile ready for picking up but no one picks them up. I encountered this huge drift on North Loop, near my house. You can see the rest of the street is relatively leaf free.

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 100
Cropped/Curves Applied