Day 340—Black Light

Today’s challenge topic is “light” and for some reason I have a black light bulb so I thought it might make an interesting light in a dark room. I couldn’t find anything that would react to the black light (my psychedelic days are long gone) so I just focused on the bulb itself. I assume the purple rings are a form of lens flare. I went into the closet to take this shot and left the pocket door open just a crack (not on purpose) and the sliver of light is reflected on the bulb which helps define the bulb. The lamp shade is an opalescent glass. I think it is interesting that the predominant color of the glass shade is blue in the photo because the light through the lamp shade looks purple to the naked eye. I tried different exposures to get the purple but could do it only with the lens wide open which changed the depth of field which I didn’t want. I tried fiddling with the white balance and tried to find the Kelvin temperature of black light to set it accurately but couldn’t so I settled on Tungsten.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100
15 seconds
WB Tungsten

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