Day 339—Free of Leaves

Today’s challenge topic is “free.” I thought the leaf free branches in the morning sun light would work for this challenge. I used a large aperture to blur the background and a fast shutter speed because I wanted the background dark as well as blurry but I went a little overboard. I think if I’d used a slower shutter speed I would have achieved a better result but I’m home now and the sun has moved so I won’t be able to reshoot this.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100

One thought on “Day 339—Free of Leaves

  1. I love the moodiness of this image- the out of focus tree really makes the shot. It looks like a watercolor in the background. I really like it as is- and you know, you ARE taking a Photoshop class, you could change it if YOU don’t like it -LOL!

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