2016—Munch, Part 2

Apparently, I disappointed my nephew with today’s blog post (Munch) because he was not expecting a prairie dog but rather something to do with Edvard Munch, the expressionist painter whose painting, The Scream has always been one of my favorites since I first saw a print of it in a college art class, though I can’t really tell you why.  It has a kind of raw, other worldly appeal to me, I guess.  So, for those readers who were expecting  Munch, as in the painter, not Munch as in “nibble, nibble” here is my nephew Michael’s version of Prairie Dog Munch (with apologies to the memory of Edvard Munch).


2 thoughts on “2016—Munch, Part 2

  1. David Muench, noted landscape photographer for Arizona Highways for fifty years. His son Marc is also a noted phogtographer.

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