2016—Just Out Of The Nest

The commotion out on the patio caught my attention this morning as a concerned parent scrub jay squawked loudly and flitted nervously in the branches of the xylosma.  There, perched on one of the shrub’s thin branchlets was a baby scrub jay, possibly out on its first foray from the nest.  A hummingbird was aggressively asserting its disapproval of this new bird in the area, hovering inches away from the young bird.  But, although I had already affixed the 300mm and 1.4X teleconverter to the D5 in anticipation of getting some hummingbird shots, this scenario eluded me.  I did get a couple of shots of the baby jay on the branch through the open patio door.  Then I watched as this little bird crash landed onto the fountain and stared at the bubble with fascination.  But, when I stepped out onto the patio in the hopes of photographing its first bath, it launched itself awkwardly into the azalea behind the fountain and disappeared from sight.

Baby Jay.jpg

2 thoughts on “2016—Just Out Of The Nest

  1. Glad to see you back in your own backyard after your exciting travels! This is a sweet capture- beautifully composed and expertly focused (of course). I know you are loving that D5!

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