2015—Real Raindrops

The morning started off cloudy and muggy and when I walked out of the gym it had just begun to sprinkle, creating that unpleasant hot wet asphalt smell. By the time I reached my car, the rain was coming down in buckets but the squall must have been very localized because when I got home, just 5 miles away, there was no more rain. However, when I went out into the garden I noticed the patio was slightly damp and saw the rain droplets on this Winsome bud. I attached the macro lens to my D800, set it on the tripod, and used my new shutter release remote to trigger several shots focusing on different parts of the flower. Then I blended them in Photoshop.

These are real raindrops on the rosebud, quite a pleasant sight to see in our drought-plagued state in July.


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